Have you ever heard the phrase- ‘fruits of the spirit ‘and not known what it meant? Or maybe you’ve got it a bit confused with the gifts of the spirit? Then read on… So, let’s start by finding out what exactly are these fruits of the spirit? The bible sets them out as; Gal 5:22-23 … More Love

Have you ever felt like shouting…It’s not Fair!

Have you ever felt like shouting, ‘it’s not fair?’ as you shake your fist angrily at God. Or perhaps you’ve had those thoughts and you have felt ashamed to have them and tried to push them back down because it would be outrageous to act like that towards God. I’m being totally honest and real … More Have you ever felt like shouting…It’s not Fair!

Count your Blessings

So, if you read my post about Mountain Top Moments being where you least expect them you will know already I’m in a season of stretching. I say this because that’s what it feels like God is doing through this storm myself and my family find ourselves in. Now, this could be a scary place … More Count your Blessings