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I started attending conferences a few years ago when I realised there was such a thing, I know right!!!! Was I living under a rock? How come nobody told me about them?

I love the teaching, worship, freedom and breakthrough that comes through attending them. But what I hadn’t anticipated was what a tiring business it is as you are ‘doing business’ with God and emotions can run high. Obviously for me as a ‘cryer’ it can cause undue stress to the delicate area around the eyes and so I go fully equipped with the softest of tissues and lots of water to drink because I get so dehydrated through crying!

I have found them to be a highlight in my year and something I look forward to with great expectation and I have never been disappointed. For me they keep the fire burning, the desire to see the more of God and to meet up with people who are equally hungry to see Gods kingdom advance across the Earth.

Prov 27:17 ‘As iron sharpens iron,  so one person sharpens another’.

I attend 2 or 3 a year and have been fortunate enough to attend the Father’s Heart Conference at Kings Arms Church Bedford for 4 years now. This year’s FHC has just gone live on their website and I cannot recommend it highly enough.


I have personally received major revelation of my identity in Christ and what it means to be a ‘Daughter of the King’. I have had accurate prophetic words over me during the conference and they have an incredibly creative themed prophetic area where you can go for prophetic words and to just soak in Gods presence. The quality of the teaching and worship have always been outstanding and I have encouraged friends and family to attend so they can experience it too.

Another favourite of mine is the Glory Conference run by Kings Church Horsham. This event is usually held at Burgess Hill church as they have a larger venue that is ideally suited to a conference and it happens in February every year. Again this event has majorly impacted my walk with God and I have had prophetic words over me that are just coming into fruition. I usually run into the same people and it’s great catching up and seeing what God is doing.


If you have never been to a conference before I would encourage you to try one of the ones I have mentioned as they are top quality. Go and get fed and come back hungry for more of God to break out in your home church and give it away to all those people in your ‘sphere of influence’. This life we are called to was not just meant for those ‘in’ the church but for outside the four walls of church.Let Gods kingdom advance across the Earth through us.

Let me know how you get on!


His Presence 2017


I was fortunate enough to find out about this conference from a friend and was able to get a ticket. It’s on Saturday 11th March in London, UK and is hosted by David and Noreen Harris and they have the following speakers;

Eric and Brooke Gilmour-Sonship Interational

Brian Guerin-Bridal Glory International

Well what an incredible day!!! It was called His Presence and that is what we experienced. The hosts David and Noreen Harris shared their hearts for putting on this conference and what God had been showing them in dreams about gathering the Gilmours and Brian Guerin to speak at it.

It was a significant day as the only day that was available to all parties was the Jewish Festival of Purim. They talked about us being called for such a time as this and the fact that something incredible is starting to happen in Europe. There is a wave of revival coming!!!


There was a prayer time and impartation (to receive in seed form what someone else has worked for through the laying on of hands) time which was incredibly powerful and I left with a real sense of excitement about what God is doing, what he is going to do and how he wants me to partner with him in it.


Proclaim Healing School with Randy Clarke


I’m so excited as I am booked to attend a one day Healing School with Dr Randy Clark at Kings Arms in Bedford. The one day school is called Proclaim and runs all day on Monday 20th March from 9.30am until 4pm. He is also preaching on Sunday 23rd at Kings Arms if you cannot get to the healing school. He has been involved in some key revivals during the years and has seen much healing. I have read many of his books and find him incredibly inspiring and down to earth. I will let you know what happens.

Some of his books that I have read are:

Entertaining Angels

Lighting Fires

There is More;The Secret to Experiencing God’s Power To Change Your Life

Words of Knowledge

I am still processing the weekend and will write up my thoughts when I have got my head around all the amazing sights I saw. But, at this point  its safe to say my faith for seeing people healed has gone through the roof!!!


Revival Alliance UK 2017

Revival Alliance 2017

This four day conference will be an a life changing time of worship, teaching & impartation. Come and be immersed in the Fire of the Holy Spirit! I have added a link so you can book tickets to this conference in Birmingham UK in August 2017.


Fire 2017

Fire 2017 Web Feature

Fire 2017 conference is taking place on November 17th 2019 at the Excel Centre in London. This conference is being hosted by Christ for All Nations.

The main speakers at this event are Daniel Kolenda, Todd White, Peter Vandenberg and Nathan Morris who are all well known evangelists seeing vast numbers of people give their life to Jesus and getting healed. Eric Gilmour has also just been confirmed.

Daniel is the President of CfaN globally and successor to Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. Under his ministry over 17 million registered decisions for Christ fed into the local churches. In these mass gatherings, he is well-known for praying for the sick and also the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Peter vandenberg is Vice-President of Christ for all Nations, where he has worked alongside Reinhard Bonnke and now Daniel Kolenda, for almost 40 years. God uses him to inspire pastors and church workers to become bold in their own ministries.

Todd White was a drug addict and atheist for 22 years when in 2004 he was radically set free! Todd’s passion is reproducing a constant Kingdom lifestyle inspired by the Holy Spirit with dramatic results in every believer. His heart is to activate people into the simplicity of who they really are and destroying lies that hold people back from being who God created them to be.

After many years of running from God, Nathan Morris gave his life to Jesus Christ in 2002 when he had a life changing encounter with the presence of God. In 2010, Evangelist Nathan joined with Pastor John Kilpatrick and Church of His Presence for what has become known as the Bay Revival.

Well it was called Fire for a reason and this conference was an amazing time of hearing from the Father. The talks were so inspiring and really hit the mark for me bringing the now word of God.

Nathan Morris brought a prophetic word for London that is just so exciting about deep calling to deep. I particularly loved Eric Gilmours talk about intimacy with God. I have attached some of the teaching that includes Eric’s talk that was so beautiful and brought us into His presence.

The whole event was incredible and just hearing some of the stats for CFAN was mind blowing:

Since 1987 they have seen over 76, 128, 231 salvation decisions made for Christ!

2, 537,608 yearly

211,467 monthly

48,800 weekly

6,971 daily

290 hourly

5 per minute


Father’s Embrace


Learning to relate to God as our Father is a lifelong journey for every believer. We will never get to the end of knowing God as Father because there is always more revelation to be had. Join us at our Father’s Embrace conference to enjoy fresh encounters with the Father’s love, allowing Him to take your understanding of His kindness and goodness to a whole new level. The more we encounter God’s love for us, the more we can live from a place of deep security and rest.

This is an amazing annual conference hosted by Kings Arms, Bedford (see above). Tickets have just become available for this amazing conference and the guest speaker this year is Paul Manwaring 

He continues to serve on the senior leadership team at Bethel Church in Redding, California where he was the founding director of Global Legacy, Bethel’s apostolic relational network of revival leaders. Paul lives to see the secular-sacred dividing line erased in lives and organizations. He has been continually impacted by the profound experience of the Father Heart of God and sees it as the single key to the problems of the world. Knowing that we are sons and daughters of God, who is supremely and abundantly good changes everything.  He has authored two books, and he travels extensively offering both spiritual and strategic support to churches and leadership teams around the globe as well as preaching the gospel at events both great and small.

Very excitingly Paul is back living in Windsor, London and says;

We have been given many opportunities to partner and serve with European brothers and sisters to see Revival, Reformation and Renaissance in the continent of Europe. The sound of this has become almost overwhelming in the number of people asking us to come home as a father and mother in Europe.


Sounds of Glory Prophetic Conference


This conference at the Kings Arms Church in Bedford, is now open to book into and is for all those called who feel called in the areas of prophetic, worship and prayer and is designed to equip them to release to those around them.

It is being held on Friday 2nd February (evening session) and all day Saturday 3rd February, finishing at approx 9.30pm.

The speakers include Phil Wilthew, a teaching prophet and elder from the Kings Arms, Julian Adams who is an international teaching prophet, currently based in Durban South Africa and worship is being led by Sean Feucht who is currently based at Bethel Church in Redding, California.

This conference was amazing and the speakers brought timely words and the worship was off the scale good.

During the Sat am worship time God gave me a picture when Phil Wilthew spoke a word about glass ceilings being broken. As I looked around the room I could see the top of people’s heads being broken off and rainbows and glitter filled the room. God was saying glass ceilings in peoples thinking was being broken and He was giving them creative thoughts and creative solutions to problems or situation they were currently in.

Isaiah 55:8-9 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.  As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

2018-02-12 16.30.41

God’s Secrets with Shawn Bolz

Shawn Bolz is in England for a couple of events in July. He will be teaching on Words of Knowledge at this event in Clapham, London on Friday 6th July 2018.

A Word of Knowledge Event Shawn will teach and demonstrate how to hear God in a way that impacts people’s lives around you the way Jesus did!It’s going to be an epic day with a lifetime impact. To book click on the link above-be quick you won’t want to miss it!

There is also an event for children on Thursday 5th July to help them hear God’s voice more clearly.

I have been fortunate enough to hear Shawn talk on this before but this event will be more of a teaching event that I will be a student at. I am so excited as he is such a humble man that is passionate about seeing people connect to God through the prophetic and he has such a gifting on his life that he communicates so well.

My life has been impacted so much through his teaching and I have also been fortunate enough to have received a word from God through him that was unbelievably timely and faith giving to me and the Lovely Mr B.



Kingdom Encounter 2018


This conference hosted by David and Noreen Harris, has just been announced to take place in London from November 29th to 1st Decemeber 2018.

I was fortunate enough to attend last year and got to hear Eric Gilmour and Brian Guerin for the first time, who both carry a heart for revival and a passion for people to encounter Jesus.

This year they also have Michael Koulianos and Brooke Gilmour (Eric’s wife) speaking who they believe are carrying a mantle and assignment for this nation.

Lydia Stanley Marrow will be leading worship along with other guests.

If last year’s conference is anything to go by I am super excited and expectant. This year the venue is bigger and is at Ealing Christian Centre in West London.

Link to the conference in the title and get your early bird tickets now.



Davids Tent 2018

I couldn’t be any more excited if I tried! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a worshipper. This is my main pathway for connection with God and something I loooove to do.

This event has been running since 2012 when they started dreaming about what it would look like to worship God, non-stop, like David did? A place where God’s presence would be the highest priority?

This event has grown and grown and is now in its seventh year with them expecting to see about 5000 worshippers gathering together on the Wiston Estate in West Sussex, U.K. where it is held.

It runs from the 24th-27th August (72 hours of non-stop worship).

This will be my first year of attending, I know it’s mad isn’t it, but for me the challenge in previous years has been the fact it falls across the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of August. As a member of a family its a big ask to be be able to attend something that falls in your family holiday time, especially if you are going without your family. So, I am massively grateful to the Lovely Mr B who knows my heart and excitement about attending and gave me the all clear this year.


I am so excited to join with others with the same heart for camping out around His Presence and not moving anywhere, but just resting at His feet. I look forward to hearing the mighty Helsers, Steffany Gretzinger, Sean Feucht, Jason Upton, John Thurlow, Lucy Grimble, Steve Tebb, from Catch the Fire London and Graham Kendrick is also making an appearance this year.

I am also excited to see prophetic art happening throughout the 72 hours and love this expression of worship.

I will post photos after the event on here if you can’t make it.

Are you going this year? Is this, like me, your first year or are you an old hand (as they say)? Feel free to drop me a message about it.

Come and join us by clicking on the link above and lets get our praise on!


Father’s Heart Conference

Booking has just opened on the annual Father’s Heart Conference at Kings Arms Church in Bedford. The dates this year are: 27-29th September 2018.

I have been attending this conference every year for the last 5 years and can’t recommend it enough. The Lovely Mr B and I booked on straight away as tickets go fast and if you get them now there is an early bird price (who doesn’t love a bargain).

You don’t have to attend the whole conference and can get tickets for different sessions if that suits you better.

See you there, come and say hello.



The Kingdom Conference (Transforming your world)

This is a one day conference at Kings Arms in Bedford and is on Saturday 7th July 2018. They have a guest speaker, Kris Vallotton from Bethel Church, Redding , California. It is about being culture changers in our God given sphere of influence.

I’m really looking forward to this and it comes the day after the Shawn Bolz God’s Secrets event (see above) in London so a bussssy weekend of God’s goodness.