Have you ever felt like shouting…It’s not Fair!

Have you ever felt like shouting, ‘it’s not fair?’ as you shake your fist angrily at God. Or perhaps you’ve had those thoughts and you have felt ashamed to have them and tried to push them back down because it would be outrageous to act like that towards God. I’m being totally honest and real … More Have you ever felt like shouting…It’s not Fair!

Finding the Gold!

As I was praying with a friend yesterday, God showed me a picture of an old fashioned gold mine with men digging away at the rock face with pick axes. Behind them there was a rusty old rail track with wagons on it that they were throwing their ‘treasures’ into as they uncovered them and … More Finding the Gold!

Hearing God

Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to hear from God? Or, have you ever thought why doesn’t God speak to me? You may even believe the lie that God would not want to speak to you at all and if He did it would only be to tell you off! First of … More Hearing God