I felt God highlight the word ‘Overshadow’ as I looked at my friends painting of a lion standing high behind a female warrior with a sword in her hand. It also reminded me of a picture I’d seen of a lion with its cub (see photo). I felt Him say that “we are overshadowed, by … More Overshadowed

Stop hiding!

I was having a conversation with a friend about the fact I always wear lots of colours, all at the same time (I had on a dress like an abstract piece of art you’d see in the Tate Modern as we were speaking). I explained to her that this hadn’t always been my story and … More Stop hiding!

Play your part

Following on from my blog on ‘Be what you want to see’ I felt the Father say that we all need to ‘play our part’. It can be so easy to be a bystander in the kingdom, standing on the sidelines criticising or grumbling about the things we don’t see happening that we want to … More Play your part

Have you ever felt like shouting…It’s not Fair!

Have you ever felt like shouting, ‘it’s not fair?’ as you shake your fist angrily at God. Or perhaps you’ve had those thoughts and you have felt ashamed to have them and tried to push them back down because it would be outrageous to act like that towards God. I’m being totally honest and real … More Have you ever felt like shouting…It’s not Fair!