I am fairly new to the blogging world and have only been running this blog for just over a year. In that time I have been learning about how to blog, how often, what platform to use, how to self host and more. I have learnt many things along the way and some the hard way by getting it wrong, which is fine by the way. I am therefore still learning on a daily basis. I have found the blogging community to be very encouraging and embracing and generally found people to be friendly and polite with feedback.

Being part of a blogging community is key to growth and being visible on different social media is so important to get your blog seen and read by an audience. Through sharing my blog on Insta I have become part of a blogging family of like-minded, amazing ladies and was approached by one of them to collaborate on a series.


I was privileged to be asked to collaborate with a fantastic blog called andcoffeeblog when the lovely Lauren saw my writing about community on Insta. I was posting daily as part of my ‘Daily Choices’ series that lasted the whole of 2016 with a different focus for each month.

I ended up writing on community for her series ‘Slow Burn‘ and the link is attached if you would like to read it. I love Lauren’s blog and it is a mix of faith, food, health and Lauren’s love of all things Disney.

Girl Got Faith

I also write on a fortnightly basis for the amazing, award winning Girl Got Faith multi-author blog. I have written several articles for them and then wrote a series on my experiences of ‘Walking with God’ and more recently am writing a series on ‘Spiritual Gifts’.

Girl Got Faith blog is a fantastic mix of faith, beauty and lifestyle blogs and is the number one go to stop for girls and women. I love being part of this eclectic writing community of women and love the impact it is having on young women. Again it is my absolute privilege to be involved and play my part.

If you have never tried it I would definitely recommend collaborating with others as a way to grow in your writing ability and to have a further reach for your own blog and whatever the message is that you are trying to get out there.

If you have had experience of collaborations please feel free to comment and share your experience of it or equally if you are interested in a collaboration please feel free to contact me.