I’m sure you’ve all heard of this spiritual gift, miracles! It’s a word that seems to be part of our everyday vocabulary and is seen in film and book titles. Or perhaps you have had moments in your life when you feel like the only thing that can change your situation is a miracle! So, … More Miracles

In the Master’s hands, we’re all tools of the trade!

On a recent, long car journey, the Lovely Mr B and I were listening to a podcast. Now this podcast, ‘Vinyl Emergency’, is not something I would have chosen to listen to (rather annoyingly, I came up with the great idea that as a perk of the job, the driver decides on the listening material for … More In the Master’s hands, we’re all tools of the trade!

Word of Wisdom

When you hear the word wisdom, what are the first thoughts or pictures that come into your head? For me I conjure up pictures in my head of clever people or maybe those who are older than me who have had lots of life experience, making them invaluable in a crisis. They are the sort … More Word of Wisdom