Play your part

Following on from my blog on ‘Be what you want to see’ I felt the Father say that we all need to ‘play our part’. It can be so easy to be a bystander in the kingdom, standing on the sidelines criticising or grumbling about the things we don’t see happening that we want to … More Play your part

Inspired by…

As I was falling asleep God dropped the idea for my latest blog series into my thoughts, completely unexpectedly! How about a series on the people who have inspired you most in your faith journey? As I am seeking to live my life being led by Him, obedience is key, so here we have… Inspired By… I then thought carefully about how to … More Inspired by…

Stepping Out

Have you noticed an increase in the ways God wants to communicate uniquely with you yet? Have you found that you are starting to recognise His voice more easily? Hopefully, the answer to these questions is yes? If not, re-read some of my earlier blogs in this series on how to hear God’s voice for … More Stepping Out

You’re Invited

So, the reason I started this blog was so I could document my own day to day journey in living a naturally supernatural lifestyle in the hope that it would be an encouragement to others. Basically that means living life listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit during your day to day life and … More You’re Invited