The Lovely Mr B!

2018-09-16 14.06.18

Let me introduce you to the Lovely Mr B. We have been married 24 years and we lived in London for 23 of them. We recently moved to Bedford, two days before Christmas 2018, as God wanted us to relocate. Tim is my biggest supporter and friend.

Mr B is a criminal lawyer/advocate and is always very busy as you can imagine! He works all over London and can be in any court on any day, sometimes spending long periods of time in the same court if it’s a big trial. He loves his job and particularly loves working with youth and for those with mental health issues.

He has a big heart for youth and is currently serving as a Youth leader at The Kings Arms Church, in Bedford. He loves to get alongside them and help them to grow in their love for Jesus and work out how they can live this out in school/college. He also manages to work part time at Kings Arms on the pastoral team with an emphasis on men’s ministry and supporting marriages. He is also involved in the Freedom Stream ministry which sees him walking people through the stuff they are going through into freedom.

Mr B also has a heart for community and combines his major love of sport, particularly football (Nottingham Forest is his team) with having a house full of people. He loves nothing better than organising football, vinyl or games nights at our house and this always attracts a lot of youth and seems to involve a lot of loud celebrating and food!!!!!

More than anything Mr B is good fun and can be very funny (but don’t tell him I said that!) and this is why I love spending time with him. I love that he has supported and encouraged me as I became involved with Training for Supernatural Ministry  (TSM) and it was a sacrifice on our time together and his sleep as he picked me up from the station every Thursday evening at ridiculous O’clock for many years. I was so excited that he actually did the course himself a couple of years ago and I can see him becoming all that he is called to be and he is literally coming to life before my eyes.

I can’t wait to see what happens next on our exciting journey together with God!!!