Tools of the Trade

On a recent long car journey on the way back from our holiday in the Lake District, the Lovely Mr B and I were listening to a podcast. Now this podcast, ‘Vinyl Emergency’ is not something I would have chosen to listen to (in retrospect, rather annoyingly, I came up with the great idea that as a … More Tools of the Trade

Tears of a Brown

For those of you of you who don’t know me well, I am the sort of person who wears their heart on their sleeve (CRIES EASILY), meaning you can always see how I am feeling. I have been like this my whole life! I didn’t really give any thought to this when I became a Christian … More Tears of a Brown

Stepping Out!

How are you doing with hearing from God? Have you noticed an increase in the ways God wants to communicate uniquely with you yet? Have you found that you are starting to recognise His voice more easily? Hopefully, the answer to these questions is yes? If not, re-read some of my earlier blogs on how … More Stepping Out!