All about me-Mrs B!

I am a Christian, wife to the Lovely Mr B, mum to two fabulous boys that make me proud every day, mum to two fab step-kids who are growing into wonderful people, encouraging friend, lover of plastic jewellery and all round lover of life! I attend The Kings Arms Church, Bedford and am involved in the prayer and prophetic ministry, which is something I am passionate about.

This is my blog about my day to day journey with God to live a naturally (supernatural) spirit led life.

I started this journey about 9 years ago when God really stirred my heart for more during an event called Newday, where I was serving. I came back hungry to build a more intimate relationship with the Father and to grow in using the spiritual gifts I had been given to bless others and see God’s kingdom advance.

I have since completed the Training for Supernatural Ministry school run by The Kings Arms Church in Bedford and I was fortunate enough to be part of that amazing team for four years. It was such a privilege to see students stepping into all that God has for them and to be set free from the things that have held them back from being their unique selves.

I have also loved being part of the team on TSM’s Miracle Nights, that ran during the first Lockdown and more recently part of Wendy Mann’s Naturally Supernatural Online course. On both of these on-line initiatives we have seen God impact students via Zoom, showing that nothing is impossible for Him and lack of social contact is no barrier to the presence of God to bring healing and wholeness.

During this time  I have grown in my understanding of my own identity as the beloved daughter of the King and experienced freedom and massive breakthroughs particularly from shame, in my life. I have massively grown in confidence in hearing God’s voice and acting on what He says. I am passionate about other people experiencing freedom, to realise that they hear God’s voice and for them to become all they can be to live the life God has called them to. I believe that we are ALL called to live a life led by the precious holy spirit and that we are ‘atmosphere changers’, who have our own unique sphere of influence that God has placed us in and we are called to be ‘culture shifters’ to see God’s kingdom advance across the Earth.

The best thing about all this is He calls each of us to partner with Him and He can use ALL of us, despite our shortcomings and weaknesses. How flippin awesome is that!!!!

I hope you find this blog an encouragement and if you would like daily encouragement follow me on:

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I have also been a contributing writer on the award winning ‘Girl Got Faith‘.

Enjoy your journey!

11 thoughts on “All about me-Mrs B!

  1. Mrs. B. It is good to find your blog through Fath and Family. Please check my blog and our website to see if we are serving the same God, in the same kingdom here on earth. The Lord bless your ministry. Fran

  2. After reading up on an article or two, I decided to check out your link to Kings Church, and I’ve got to add, what an excellent and professionally made website (a lot like your own blog). They’re really doing an excellent job online, hopefully it shows and serves as a source of encouragement every Sunday too.

  3. Hello Mrs. B, I happen to come across your blog which I must say is very well detailed and inspiring for a new beginner Blogger like myself :-). I run a Christian family blog true the guidance of the Holy Spirit where we work with the scared like myself.
    keep up the good work of Faith and visit us and tell us what you think.

    Stay Blessed

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