Be what you want to see!

Recently I felt God challenge me with the words…

You have to be what you want to see!

I have felt Him nudge me a few times recently as I have been feeling a holy dissatisfaction with what I’m seeing.

One of the things I wanted to see was what I was seeing in the spirit which were tornados full of ribbons and flags swirling during worship releasing hope, freedom and joy (see previous post ‘Tornados of Joy’).

As I was worshipping I could see myself twirling ribbons and spinning round like a whirlwind and freedom swirling out around me for others to enter into.

There were no flags around to use and I couldn’t see me doing it to be fair because no one else was doing it or seemed close to it. I had, as part of an activation evening on the course I did at my church called TSM (training for supernatural ministry), done this before and loved it but it had been quite some time ago.

Now I had a choice to make as I felt God say…be what you want to see.

I knew straight away what He meant and that instead of feeling frustrated and a bit grumpy about the things I wasn’t seeing I could do something about it! It’s about being the answer to your own prayer/heart cry.

The bible tells us consistently not to grumble and I had a choice about whether to keep feeling grumpy about not seeing the freedom and joy in the natural or I could literally pick up a flag and shift the atmosphere.

As I was mulling this over one day I received a message from a friend telling me she saw a picture of me putting out flags for church on Sunday. God is sometimes far from subtle and this was one of those occasions.

I told God that if I found the flags I knew we had somewhere at church then I would put them out. I looked through a few cupboards and you’ve guessed it-I found them!

So, Sunday came around fast and I shared with a few friends on the morning that I was putting the flags out for worship and encouraged them to join in as they felt led.

As worship began I pushed pass awkward and grabbed a flag and stood at the back where there was space and started waving it. Now I don’t have the best coordination and moves but I swung it round for all I was worth and as worship took off others grabbed flags to join me. I was feeling so joyful that I ran down to the front with it and waved it there too.

Stepping out to be what I wanted to see had paid off and there was a real sense of joy and freedom in the room. I put them out every week now and it’s such a joy to see people going for it and children picking them up too.

There is a shift happening in worship and I’m not for one minute saying it’s all because of me partnering with what I was seeing but I know it has had an impact and my heart is so happy as I’m starting to see in the room what I saw in the spirit.

It took an act of courage, obedience and hunger for more on my part for the greater good. God can’t resist our hunger and obedience and there has been a shift that has started.

As I shared what was happening at church with a group of prophetic friends we were discussing what God was doing in other places. It turns out we had all been feeling a sense of dissatisfaction and frustration to see more of God’s presence and power on display and this is often the way with prophetic people who feel the tension between what they are seeing in the spirit and what is currently evident in the natural.

One of our group made a really good point that we have a choice about what to do with the way we are feeling. It can be like a seed and we can plant it with others who want to grumble about things and it can deteriorate quickly into real complaining or we can plant it with others to share what we want to see and start interceding together and watch something beautiful grow.

Another good thing to do with the frustration we feel when we’re not seeing the things of the kingdom we want to see is to lament. There is a whole book in the bible called lamentations and if it’s got a whole book in the bible it’s there for a reason and we need to get good at lamenting. If we are people who are quick to come to God and lament it helps us keep a soft and healthy heart.

My friend Wendy spoke on this subject recently and said something that has helped me hugely… “Lamenting is the fruit of faith”.

When we have great faith to see the things the bible shows us and that Jesus demonstrated and we don’t see it we should learn to lament well to keep ourselves unoffended and open to what God wants to do through us. This will help us to carry on and press in for the more of God and His kingdom to come on the earth with renewed faith.

This is a great book on the subject of learning how to lament well-Dark clouds, deep mercy.

Is there an area where God is calling you to be what you want to see?

What are you going to do about it?

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