Inspired by…


As I was falling asleep God dropped the idea for my latest blog series into my thoughts, completely unexpectedly! How about a series on the people who have inspired you most in your faith journey? As I am seeking to live my life being led by Him, obedience is key, so here we have…

Inspired By…

I then thought carefully about how to go about doing this? I liked the idea of asking the ladies who have personally inspired me in their walk with God, encouraged me to take courageous steps and do exciting things for God. I decided that the format would be asking them all the same questions and I settled on 10 questions and then a question that was very specific to them so that I could find out what had shaped them most in their own Christian lives. So, I decided 10 questions for 10 ladies!

I was nervously excited as I thought about the series and wondered if they would all want to be involved. I then got super excited when I thought about the questions I wanted to ask them! I knew it was a God thing when all 10 of them said they would be delighted to take part-Yay God!!!

My hope in this, is that as you read, you would feel inspired yourselves and a faith would rise up within you. I pray you would be encouraged to take steps out of your comfort zone, dare to dream with God knowing that he chooses to partner with us, ordinary women who are willing to undertake extraordinary things when we partner with the creator of heaven and earth.

I’m excited for you to read this 10-part series and I will be having a few give a-ways as well, as some of these ladies have written some cracking books or done some amazing art work that I’m sure you would like to get your hands on.

So, look out for these blog posts coming up soon and get ready to be inspired!



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