God loves coffee too!

God loves coffee too!

As is usual for me and one of the ways I like to rest means I have been drinking a lot of coffee in a lot of coffee shops near and further afield from where I live (school holiday teacher perks). The exciting thing is not only have I been having great coffee (which is v.imp as a big coffee fan) but, I have also been having some amazing divine appointments with people (that God had already lined up for me).

As I was reflecting on this yesterday, after one such appointment, I was reminded of a series of 3 pictures I had (pictures in prev blog) about what it’s like to intentionally live a life led by the Holy Spirit….

I saw a picture of two people about to jump out of a plane together in a tandem jump. They were sitting with their legs hanging out and the one at the front looked terrified, whilst the one at the back (the instructor) looked incredibly calm and excited about what was going to happen next.

I felt God say that the person at the back was the Holy Spirit and He would be taking charge of the jump and that the person in front need not worry about a thing. Although it might feel scary with your legs dangling out of an aircraft high in the sky that it was going to be worth the jump, although the person in front wouldn’t know this until they had jumped.

This is like living life trying to be obedient to what Holy Spirit is asking you to do. You feel the fear when you feel/hear Holy Spirit whisper to you to step out in case you mess up, you get it wrong, you say the wrong thing, you look foolish and other such thoughts that come rushing in to stop you stepping out in obedience and making this leap of faith.

The next picture was the two people falling through the air and after a few seconds the person at the front stopped screaming and feels the ‘instructor’ take control of the situation and they started to look around and notice the beauty  and magnificence of what was all around them in that moment. Suddenly, what was once terrifying starts to be fun and a real rush of excitement and endorphins kick in and the screaming is replaced by shrieks of laughter.

Just like the moment when you have taken the leap of faith and you lean into Holy Spirit and stop panicking, Holy Spirit takes over and is able to use you to bring about His purposes through you. What was a terrifying thought to begin with is quickly turning into a situation where you are able to bless and love another human being in whatever the situation is, like giving them a hug on a street, offering to buy a stranger a hot drink and a sandwich, giving a word of knowledge to your waiter in a restaurant, encouraging your boss at work, praying for a colleague or whatever it is in that moment of day to day life.

The last of the pictures was the landing. There was a sense of exuberance and excitement. The ‘learner’ wondered why they had felt afraid and worried in the first place and then asked, ‘Can I do it again, it was brilliant?’

The pleasure it gives you as you ‘step out’ of your comfort zone and make the person in front of you feel seen, valued, loved and encouraged makes the fear factor all worthwhile.

Matt 10:8  ‘Freely you have received, freely give’.

In my own experience as I have stepped out and allowed myself to be led by the Holy Spirit I have the feeling that this is what I was born for and it makes me feel alive. I just want to be able to do it again and again and it has become addictive. It seems I have turned into a fear junkie!

In the series of pictures the ‘learner’ had no specific age or barriers to taking part and I felt that this adventurous life was for everyone who follows Jesus. All can take part in whatever way they can or feel led. Even if it means like me, you buy a coffee and sit in a cafe and say to Holy Spirit, “I’m here and I’m available, use me”. Get ready because, He will!

I really want to encourage you wherever you are on your journey, ‘to feel the fear and do it anyway!’ Holy Spirit is the best instructor ever and he has got your back.

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11 thoughts on “God loves coffee too!

  1. I contend, God also appreciates a well crafted beer, however, I’d be worried about you if that’s what you started your day with;)

    Great post!
    I especially enjoyed the imagery you employed. Nailed it. That’s exactly what it feels like! Terrifying! And then, THIS IS AWESOME!!! Indeed, we realize that this is what we were made for, and it becomes a high like no another that we are ever in pursuit of. Except, this addiction brings life instead of an escape from life.

    I’m glad to read I’m not the only weirdo having coffee with God…

  2. I loved this blog post as it speaks to us no matter what the issue of the day is…medical, familial, work related. Fear can immobilize us preventing us from being an active participant in life, preventing us from the excitement, and growth that God has for us.

  3. A really timely word. What a great picture of how the Holy Spirit leads…..
    Thank you for sharing this post and thank you for visiting kingspeech and following….
    Bless you


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