Inspired by…Nadine Weedall

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to my dear friend Nadine Weedall. I first met her when she was in my Courage Group at TSM in Bedford, two years ago. I knew when I first met her that she was something very special. I had the absolute privilege of doing life with her that year during the course and seeing her come into increasing freedom and recognition of her royal identity, as a precious, beautiful daughter of the king. She is all about family and making people feel included and well loved and she makes it seem effortless. Her attention to detail in this is second to none. She is an incredible encourager and always sees the gold in people and is called to prophetic evangelism. I am so excited for you to read about her journey and hope you too feel as inspired by her as I do.

What prophetic words have shaped your life?

Great question- there are so many! Probably one of the biggest was about 13 years ago when a guest speaker spoke into a change of direction we felt God was calling us to and specifically said to me ‘Nadine, God says you can’t plan this one!’ I have the gift of administration and love organisation and planning but what God was calling us to required me to relinquish control and trust Him for the next steps as he revealed them without us knowing the full picture. I have held onto that word since both in times of uncertainty but also as I step out in new adventures with God, trusting Him that he knows the way ahead even if I don’t. Time and time again He has shown me that His plans for me and my family were far better than what we could have planned ourselves.

More recently there was a specific word given to me by someone that hardly knew me and they said ‘God wants to break off that lie that I don’t wake up well’ and also brought more detail in terms of how God was growing joy in me and that I would be someone that had a joyful expectation of good. This massively affected me as I would often say that very phrase ‘I don’t wake up well’ over myself. Whilst I don’t feel I have fully entered into the fullness of this word yet, I keep coming back to it and have definitely seen a shift, particularly in my thinking- learning to expect the good rather than living with a sense of foreboding and my sleep and my mood since then have definitely improved overall!

Have there been pivotal moments in your life that have changed your direction?

Yes! Matt and I met and married whilst attending CCK (now called Emmanuel church) in Brighton. We were very settled in the church there but a few years into marriage an old friend of Matt’s asked if we would consider moving to Hull to help start a church plant with their family. We initially said no but as we prayed about it we realised that God was clearly calling us to go. In many ways it didn’t make sense, I had just started my teaching career at a local school, we had just started to lead the worship team at the church but we knew God was speaking and we wanted to obey.

Fast forward about 6 years…I had taken a career break from teaching, Matt was a full-time elder for the church in Hull and we now had 3 beautiful children and it seemed like God was again stirring us to move. This time it felt initially like everyone that knew about it felt like God was potentially moving us on but I needed time to catch up. I am so grateful for Matt’s patience, the support of other leaders around us and our friends that helped me navigate this season of uncertainty. God was so kind and clearly confirmed to me that this was His plan for us, which gave me the faith that we should say yes to moving to a church in Leicester.

Not all the pivotal moments involved moving cities you will be pleased to know! God has also clearly spoken to me in other ways too that have changed my direction personally. For example, I felt God lead me away from a potential career in nursing into training as a primary school teacher, we also felt him clearly show us after our second child was born that I should take time out of teaching to focus on our family. More recently he has been calling me into growing in leadership within my local church.

How do you hear from God?

At different seasons in my life I have noticed that it has changed. Whilst all my children were small I most often felt God speak to me through times of corporate worship and through others. Both of those still happen, but now as I have more time to read his word, listen to preaches and pray I am hearing from God in these areas too. Sometimes scriptures will jump out at me or something a preacher has said. Other times God might give me pictures or moving images in my mind and I can sense He is speaking. He has even spoken to me through a slogan on a bus!

What is your mission field/passion?

The short answer is that I am a prophetic evangelist. The slightly longer version is that I feel very much called to equip the church and see people step into their destinies as children of God. I am really passionate that love is central to all of this- loving God, loving others and loving ourselves! I also feel called to share with others that don’t know Jesus yet that he loves them and to expect that as I do this they will experience something of Him or His kingdom in their own lives.

What do you do whilst waiting for promises to be fulfilled?

I don’t always get this right and I don’t always find it easy but I am learning to try and stay close to Jesus. Focusing on what he has said or done, what he is doing now rather than what I haven’t seen him do yet. It’s really helpful at this times to worship, to hold onto promises in scripture and to look back at prophetic words you have been given to keep your gaze heavenward.

How have you coped with any disappointments?

I never used to cope with them very well at all. I kept a lot of it bottled up inside and then it would be expressed in other ways such as resentment, anger and tears when it got too much. I have found teaching on dealing with disappointment by Wendy Mann so helpful to grow in this area. Key things I have learnt are how to recognise when I am feeling disappointed, express it aloud to God and to let all the emotion I am feeling out. When I have done that I can start declaring truth of who God is and possibly most importantly lay down my right to understand the circumstances that have led to this disappointment in the first place!

What do you think is the key to breakthrough?

Keeping growing in your relationship with God. The more you know someone the more you trust them, even in the things that seem overwhelming and scary. It’s the same with God. The more I know Him, the more I spend time in His presence allowing his spirit to fill me the more I can trust Him and am changed by Him. The more I am with Him the more I know no matter what He loves me!

The other key is family. God is passionate about family. I don’t mean earthly family necessarily but the people that God places around you that know all the good, bad and ugly things about you and yet they still say yes to walking alongside you and keep pointing you to Jesus. My ‘family’ can’t bring breakthrough for me, but they can support me and love me through all the ups and downs.

What do you want to see God do in your life?

Anything!! Although currently I am personally praying that I would see people regularly saved, healed and transformed as they encounter Jesus through me.

How will you pass on what you have? What legacy would you like to leave?

Ooh! Interesting question! Here’s some of my thoughts:

I tell stories- stories of His goodness, stories of what he is up to in my life whether that be how he is using me in ministry or how he is at work in me on a personal level. I also am starting to keep a record of these stories so I can go back to them. Sharing stories builds faith and inspires others to be courageous.

I am also totally sold that as we are authentic about our struggles God can use what we share to bless and impact others. So when I am speaking on a Sunday at church I often ask God to show me which things about my testimony he wants me to share to help those I am teaching.

A while back I heard Sean Feucht speak at a TSM session and he spoke about how he prayed that his ceiling would be other people’s floors, meaning that he prayed for people to outrun him, to do and see more than he ever has. That’s the kind of legacy I want to leave- that I am someone that had got alongside people so well that they outrun me and see a greater measure of God’s power and goodness in their lives.

What have been your biggest obstacles? How have you overcome them? There have been a few challenges along the way for sure.

One of the biggest for me has been the fact that both of my parents have passed away. I lost my dad quite suddenly within 3 months of moving to Hull and my mum within 4 months of moving to Leicester. One of the hardest things about deciding to say yes to moving to Leicester was knowing that if we did I was likely to go through the same grief experience as I had before as my mum had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and it was in its end stages. It wasn’t easy being in a new city, new church and having to make new friends whilst coping with grief and a young family. I wouldn’t say I am over it even now, I am not sure you ever get over the loss of someone so close, but it does get easier. So it’s hard to say how I have overcome it but healing has come in various ways. Through being real about how I am feeling with God, with others, with myself; through declaring truth in the midst of feeling bombarded by lies such as you are alone; through dealing with disappointment and unforgiveness and through fixing my eyes on God and His goodness. If I feel moments where the grief comes now I tell people so that they can love me and pray me through and they can also be understanding and sensitive towards me.

Another big obstacle has been the fact that not everyone has understood or agreed with the decisions we have made. It has been pretty painful at points and we have shed many tears but we are so grateful to God for opportunities for some level of reconciliation happening in those relationships over the years that followed. During these times we have always tried to be obedient to God, apologise where we have perhaps been insensitive in how we have shared and always asked God to show us what the heart of issues were as opposed to getting offended by how people express their hurt.

Learning to bring your children on adventures with God has also been challenging. We definitely have and do still make mistakes in our parenting but something we learnt was to help give our children vision for what was to come so that they are part of the journey and feel like they have a choice and a voice rather than feeling like our decisions were being done to them. I remember sharing with our daughter, who was 5 at the time, that God was calling us to move to Leicester. In the kids work at church she had been learning about Abraham and so we used this to talk about the step of faith we were feeling led to take. I remember how when we asked her what she thought we should do she tearfully yet willingly said ‘we should go’. So inspired by her faith even though she knew it meant leaving all she knew behind!

What were the biggest challenges joining a church in a new city and what strategies did you use to meet those challenges?

Joining the church felt very different to our previous experience of church planting, primarily because when you church plant you know you are all in it together having all sacrificed in similar ways to be there. When we came to the church in Leicester people were so grateful to have us come and really tried to love us well but I felt very lonely and missed Hull. The church had been through a painful leadership transition and it was hard to know how to love it and support it when I was going through so much personally.

I guess one of the biggest challenges was realising that we couldn’t fill the shoes of the previous leader and we weren’t called to do that either because they were not our shoes to wear! Keeping in contact and being real with existing friends and church leaders really helped us in this time as did recalling all the ways how God had spoken and clearly paved the way for us to move to Leicester.

It also really helped us having lots of people round for dinner so we could get to know them and they us and in a funny way my mum’s illness and her death meant that we quite quickly needed to rely on the love and support being shown to us from the church in Leicester.

Loneliness was a huge obstacle for me- for a while I tended to only share how I was really doing with people from my past and put more of a brave face on it in Leicester. But I learnt quite quickly that it made the homesickness worse and so took some risks and shared with people how I was doing and am so grateful for the friends, who are now more like family, that I have made. Practically it was also helpful just going for walks in the local area every week as I knew the only way I was going to feel like it was home was to know my way around more.

The truth is that whenever God calls you to do something it is likely to be costly. What I have learnt is that God is good, he cannot be anything other than good, so even when things seem chaotic and painful around me or when obstacles seem impossible to overcome my God is bigger. He is who he says he is and he promises never to leave me or forsake me. Time and time again he has been faithful. When he asks me to do something I know the safest thing for me to do is say yes because I know being in His Will is where I want to be. I would never have planned some of the adventures he has taken us on but I am so grateful for each and every one of them. He knows best!

If you have been inspired by Nadine, please drop me a message and let me know how.

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2 thoughts on “Inspired by…Nadine Weedall

  1. I don’t know Nadine, but my husband knows her husband, so there’s a connection there. Her story seems so similar to mine in many ways and I love the way God spoke to her at key times, in preparation for what was to come.
    I’m encouraged by her obedience, and vulnerability to share her pains and disappointed to God and others, and her willingness to start again, in Leicester and built family again. Having personally just moved from a country in Europe to Newport in Wales I’m daunted about starting again and finding our church family in this season… but this story encourages me. Going not knowing was a big reality for us as a family, and we’re waiting for breakthrough, but this story of breakthrough us an encouraging testimony.
    Thank you for sharing. It’s encouraged my heart today.

    1. I am so delighted to hear about the way you have been encouraged by Nadine’s story. I know she will be as well and she took time to answer the questions as authentically as she could to help others on the same journey.
      I see how God has moved powerfully in her life and know he will do it in yours as you listen to His voice and obey laying down your lives to follow Him. Thank you for feeding back.
      Praying for your breakthrough. Xx

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