Inspired by…Claire Smart

Inspired by....Claire Smart

I’m so excited to introduce to you another incredible, faith-filled lady today. I first met her as a student when we were on TSM together 3 years ago and I knew then that there was something special about her.

Her journey since then has filled me with awe as she listens to God and is obedient to what He asks of her. This has led her on some amazing God adventures across the globe and she is currently living out her calling in Australia.

Be Inspired by….

Claire Smart

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What prophetic words have shaped your life/ministry?

So many! I am so thankful that God speaks and that I am around so many people who are obedient to be used by God in this way! I’ve had a few prophetic words about how I will experience dreams and visions from God, and that I’ll see the spiritual realm. These words have shaped how I experience God, and what I have seen. One word that I had when I was a new christian was that ‘God has something specific for you, but wait as God needs to prepare you’, I had this same word again the day I was baptised. I feel I am still waiting for that something specific but thankful that God gives glimpses on our journey, which gives hope, builds excitement but also prepares you!!

Have there been any pivotal/tipping point moments in your life/ministry that have changed your direction?

One that comes to mind was when I felt led to go to a conference in Orlando, Florida. At the time, I barely knew anyone who was going. I knew one person who I’d met once or twice and then a few people I had met once randomly on the way back from a conference in Germany. I felt so strongly to go that I booked a flight and asked if I could stay with the few people I met in Germany, and then stayed with the other friend for the rest. This conference was hugely significant, both in terms of receiving a prophetic word about being a missionary in Africa, and attending Harvest School (at which point this was a total surprise as I was planning to move to Australia!). This went on to lead me to go to Harvest School which is a three months mission training school in Mozambique run by Iris Global which was extremely significant for me! I also met some incredible people at this conference, and words cannot express how precious these friends have become to me, and how much they have encouraged me in the purposes of God in my life.

We all hear from God differently. How do you hear from God?

The main way I hear from God is probably through dreams. This started as a young child, but I had a particular ‘sign and wonder’ a couple years back which was the beginning of a significant increase in this. I had blossom appear on my pillow in my bed and I felt God say at the time, ‘it is a new season for dreams in the night’. From that day there was a significant increase, and I was having prophetic dreams sometimes several a night, but at least three times a week which lasted for a year or so. Many of these dreams were about direction for my life and for others. I am thankful that I was encouraged to voice record my dreams, so I still have the records of hundreds of dreams! Other than that, it varies quite a lot but most commonly it is often a ‘knowing’ or ‘feeling’.

Who has been an inspiration in your life or a spiritual parent to you?

So many people! Specifically, Reinhard Bonnke, Daniel Kolenda, Brian Guerin, Heidi Baker and David Hogan.

Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda for their evangelist hearts, for them passionately pursuing the call of God on their lives to ‘see Africa washed in the blood of Jesus’. For not compromising the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ and for doing this all with humility and because of the love of God.

Brian Guerin for teaching about intimacy with Jesus, and that living in constant communion with the Lord is the highest call for each of us. Also learning how to discern spirits and understand spiritual things, for helping me to see that God can speak through so many ways and that stewardship is the key to increase!

Heidi Baker for going after God no matter what the situation looks like or what other people say, to love others no matter what and to seek God daily and live in communion with the Holy Spirit despite the busy pressure of her ministry, and all with humility and kindness.

David Hogan for showing what it really means to lay down your life for the sake of Jesus. For relentlessly going after heavens purposes in the darkest places of this earth to proclaim the gospel of Jesus despite the ‘risks’ of being heavily persecuted or killed to which he has been close to on occasions. For not being fearful, for displaying what it is like to have heavens perspective at all times, for incredible faith in Jesus, to show what it looks like to wage war against the demonic realm and principalities of regions, and fasting and praying for six months a year, for seeing the most people raised from the dead that has ever been recorded. Anything is possible with God!

And to so many leaders and pastors from current or past churches, and also to many of the friends I have met from around the world – through various conferences and ministries, countless incredible people who I met in Mozambique and my precious friends who are part of our ‘London crew’.

What do you do whilst waiting for promises to be fulfilled?

Go after God with everything you have. Remember that God has never ever failed me, and that God is not a man that he should lie (Numbers 23:19)! If God has said it, it will happen and His timing is absolutely perfect down to the second! Intimacy with Jesus is the key to every increase in everything in life. When you look at the face of Jesus, nothing else really matters! Don’t dwell on the not yet’s but live in the now, focus on what God is teaching you in the current season!

How have you coped with any disappointments in your life/ministry?

Remembering Gods word and personal promises through it all. Sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes we are misunderstood. When you live knowing God is in control, then you won’t be as disappointed because you know He reigns, He loves you and so whatever God has planned for your life and those close to you will come to pass. I love in James 1:2, when it says about rejoicing in trials because they are for our good! Thank God for the good things, and also thank God that difficult seasons are only seasons!

What has been the key to breakthrough in your life/ministry?

Intimacy with the Holy Spirit, learning how to ‘wait’ on God, the simplicity of worshipping Jesus, how to seek Him, and how to look at Jesus. Learning that stewardship is the key to increase – if God speaks in dreams, record them. If he is leading you to learn to prophesy, step out and prophesy. Steward what God has given you, when you are faithful with little, He will give you more to be faithful with! Learning to live a life of worship, continuously thanking Him, talking to Him and singing to Him! Realising how much God loves me, and that my identity is in Him, not in my job, what I look like, or even in my call or destiny.

What do you want to see God do in your life?

I would like God to use me in whatever way, to bring glory to His name. I want to become as much like Jesus as is possible on earth. I want to become as best friends with Jesus as I can on earth. I want to see His promises fulfilled. I want to lay my life down for Him. I want to see millions be set free, healed, and more than anything give their lives to Jesus! Dream big!

What have been your biggest obstacles and how have you overcome them?

My biggest obstacle was what at the time I described as ‘wanting others to understand me’. I wanted others to ‘get’ how I experience God and wanted others to be behind me on what I felt God was saying to me and my call. I think when I realised that whether others validated me or not, and whether I am understood or not it does not change the plan or destiny on my life and also sometimes it is a good thing when this happens. I realised the importance of humility, and faith in God, no matter what others might think and I learnt that my identity is not in my call.

Do you have a daily routine with God and what does that look like?

I am a midwife so I work strange shifts which means that no day with God every looks identical! However, I start every day with reading the bible as I eat breakfast and I listen to worship music almost all the time! Whenever I can block out time (which in this new season is much more difficult) I will fast and spend hours with the Lord and finish with taking communion. My favourite thing to do is to just sit with the Lord, ask Him to come and then enjoy Him. This is where he restores my soul, He shows me He is proud of me and loves me. He builds me up, brings rest, focus, humility, boldness and direction! Presenting my requests to Him with thanksgiving is also something I try to do regularly! Also speaking in tongues as regularly as I remember is vital in building yourself up and also in spiritual warfare!

We met as students on TSM 3 years ago, and you were living in Solihull. You have just moved to Australia. How did that come about?

It all started around nine years ago – with an obsession with Australia! I was not yet a Christian but when I decided to be a midwife I chose a course where I would be able to do an elective placement in Australia as had a strong desire to go there. As I became a Christian, I would tell people I’m moving to Australia for a year or two after I qualify. One of the first things God spoke to me clearly about when I was a new Christian was in James 4 where it says ‘do not boast about tomorrow, you who say you will go to this city or that city for a year to two and trade there, as such it is boasting, instead say if it is the Lords will’ (paraphrasing!). I presumed this to mean it was not Gods will, so put it aside. Over the next three years I would have dreams about Australia and it would come up everywhere! I remember one day having the desire stirred again and asking God if it was Him, in which He said ‘yes, you will move there but wait’. Whenever I would pray about it, I felt ‘wait’. Then one day I felt God say, ‘Ok, now go!’ I was shocked as the reality of this dream was going to happen and as the weeks went by I got multiple confirmations, so started the process, which took two years to get here! I know various things about why I am here but it is all about trusting the Lord. He will tell you what you need to know and when! And sometimes promises take longer than anticipated. I expected to move to Australia after university, but instead it took six years longer!

Wow! I hope you are as inspired as I am by Claire’s walk with God and how she has leaned into Him, and waited until He said GO!

When we surrender our lives to Him and are obedient with what He says, life is so exciting. If you are interested in Iris Global and the ministry school they run I have added a link so you can check it out.

The conference Claire mentions runs every year in Florida and is called the Jesus Conference.


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