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It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to a dear friend, who I have known for about 5 years now. She is a kind, caring, servant hearted, prophetic lady and has inspired me so much. I greatly admire her faithfulness, her servant heart, her love of Jesus and for wanting more of Him. Her stories have left me enthralled as she has lived in many countries over the years serving God and seeing amazing things happen. I particularly love the fact that she has served on John Wimber’s ministry team and love to hear the stories about this.

I hope you too are inspired by…

Patricia Monk.

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What prophetic words have shaped your life/ministry?

One in particular was given to me by a young woman named Perpetual in 1985. I was working for the pastors in my home church at the time, and accompanied one of our other staff members to a women’s conference in Nigeria. During the conference, Perpetual said that God was going to prepare me some more and then send me out as a missionary. It took a further seven years for this prophecy to be fulfilled, during which time I completed a course at Bible college, and then it shaped the following two decades of my life.

Have there been any pivotal/tipping point moments in your life/ministry that have changed your direction?

After being part of a church planting team in New Mexico, I enrolled in a residential missions training school in Texas where three modules were offered: leadership, primary health care and midwifery. I had applied to do the leadership training module. However, when I arrived the person administrating the course refused to sign me up until I had prayed about doing primary health care. That was not something I would ever have considered, but after praying about it that evening, I felt strongly that that’s what I should do. Towards the end of the course I was offered the choice between a salaried administrative position on staff at the church where the missions school was based, or going to the Philippines to help set up a free midwifery clinic in a very deprived area. No contest! After a few more weeks of basic midwifery training, I spent a very challenging season helping set up the clinic.

We all hear from God differently. How do you hear from God?

I’m a bit of a visual person, so I tend to get ‘pictures’ in my mind and a sense of what God wants to communicate through those. Nature is also another way in which I sense God speaking, and, of course, he often highlights scriptures and gives a sense of how they can be applied to certain situations.

Who has been an inspiration in your life or a spiritual parent to you?

I would have to say that Terry Virgo, who founded the Newfrontiers family of churches, has been a tremendous inspiration – his prayer life, humility and teaching on grace have really impacted me.

What do you do whilst waiting for promises to be fulfilled?

I remind God about them a lot!

How have you coped with any disappointments in your life/ministry?

This has obviously changed over the years as I have experienced more of life and God’s faithfulness. I can remember times of real discouragement and even depression when I was younger. But now, after dealing with my initial emotions, I try to remind myself constantly that God is faithful and promises to work all things together for good. This can definitely take the ‘sting’ out of disappointment and even cause a sense of excitement about what He will do.

 What has been the key to breakthrough in your life/ministry?

I think it’s probably maintaining a good attitude (or a right spirit, as the Bible puts it). At times when I have done that, God has broken through in quite remarkable ways.

What do you want to see God do in your life?

At my age and stage of life, my main prayer now is that I finish well. I want God to enable me to keep on learning and to keep on being transformed, and to use me to encourage young and old alike.

What have been your biggest obstacles and how have you overcome them?

Being invited to join a church planting team in New Mexico as a missionary threw up the big obstacle of finance! My elders were understandably cautious as I didn’t have any savings, and the general economic climate at the time was very depressed. They were doubtful that I would be able to raise the monthly amount that had been suggested I would need to live there. However, I was convinced that this opportunity was the fulfilment of the prophecy I had been given seven years earlier, so set about praying for a solution. What I felt led to do was create a flyer with all the information about where I was going and what I would be doing and, with the permission of the leadership, distribute it to the members of my church. To everyone’s amazement, I received pledges for the exact amount I needed! (I have to add that this is the only time I have ever asked for any financial support in all my time as a missionary.)

Do you have a daily routine with God and what does that look like?

I like to start most days by reading a devotional and praying, and end with a ‘through the bible’ reading plan. I like the word of God to be the last thing going into my mind before I sleep.

Being obedient to God has led you to live all over the world. What was the biggest challenge and the biggest joy in that?

Being a foreigner is definitely the biggest challenge – not understanding the nuances of the culture or the language, and, in some places, just looking totally different from the rest of the community, plus the basic loneliness as a single person of not being amongst people with whom you have a history and who understand you.

The biggest joy, having pushed through the barriers, is the wonderful host of friendships that I still enjoy with people all around the world.


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  1. Please pray that our school,CAMP DAVID GREEN ACADEMY will grow to become an international Christian school and one of the top centres of academic excellence in Kenya.

    Waiting upon the Lord.

    God bless you!

    Nicholas Nganga

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