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This is the last in my ‘Inspired By’ series (boo hoo), and it gives me great pleasure to introduce the most incredible young woman. She was a member of the youth group at Kings Church, London when I started attending and serving in this area, and I knew then that she had a significant ‘voice’ to be heard.

She is on fire for God and I love nothing more than to see her getting up and speaking in the church she now attends; Emmanuel Church in New Cross or taking to the stage to speak and host at the yearly youth event, Newday. This young woman knows her bible so well and is such a force of nature. I am so excited to see her journey unfolding and watching her inspire others, including me, with her passion for Jesus.

Introducing Rebekah Walker…

Rebekah Walker

What prophetic words have shaped your life/ministry?

One prophetic word or dream that has shaped my ministry was a dream that a good friend of mine had, of me preaching. Since then, I’ve preached on a Sunday at church and at various seminars and at conferences-notably Newday and Women’s Day.

Have there been any pivotal/tipping point moments in your life/ministry that have changed your direction?

Yes, when I got baptised in 2015. All I can say is this; there was a dramatic shift in my outlook of life; the people who were around me at the time and those who are still around now, noticed how choosing to fully commit to God shaped the way I lived my life and am still trying to now, lol!

We all hear from God differently. How do you hear from God?

I’d love to say I have that Samuel anointing haha, and hear from God directly, but I don’t. I’d say I primarily hear from God through the bible.

Who has been an inspiration in your life or a spiritual parent to you?

Good question! My parents for sure and my good friends mum, Kath.

What do you do whilst waiting for promises to be fulfilled?

Honestly I get a bit ancey sometimes because unfortunately we are of the instant generation and sometimes expect things to happen ASAP. But, I’m always and currently still learning to designate more time to pray about things more intimately and not just once, hoping that God will register that one prayer and be like ‘yep, received that request’. I also share with those around me so they can stand in prayer with me too.

How have you coped with any disappointments in your life/ministry?

Tough question, again honestly, a lot of frustrated tearful prayers, but, this might sound odd to some, but with my bible open. This is to remind me that regardless of the disappointments, sadness, upsets etc I have faced/will face and I’ll be real, there have been a few, God is still and has always shown me his faithfulness.

What has been the key to breakthrough in your life/ministry?

Prayer! Good people around me! and having a relatively chilled outlook in life that God will do what He needs to do.

What do you want to see God do in your life?

As cliche as it sounds, to have an influence in changing culture.

What have been your biggest obstacles and how have you overcome them?

Some of the biggest obstacles I’ve been faced with actually all happened in 2017 ha! Some of my closest friends are no longer in the faith. I won’t lie, it was VERY tough as it inevitably causes you to ask questions about all sorts of things…but being a follower of Christ is all about faith. Another obstacle this year was moving into a new job role  in an industry that aren’t big fans of Jesus at all, but it is because of this very thing, I know that’s why I am there.

How have I overcome these obstacles? Well…I wouldn’t say I’ve overcome them fully as I’m still in a season of battle if I’m honest. I had a word at the start of this year saying that this season/year I’d need to be a warrior for the faith. But, God has done some AMAZING things during this time which I’m so thankful for but prayer, meditating and making sure that word is etched in my heart and good friends and family are what are helping to overcome.

Do you have a daily routine with God and what does that look like?

Generally, I wake up give thanks/pray and read the word. I’d love to say this happens daily but I’m human and it doesn’t always, but that’s what is it when I do.

What piece of advice would you give to teenage girls who want to follow Jesus in today’s society?

Always be who you are! But, clothed in the aroma of Christ. What I mean by aroma is the qualities of Jesus. Remember, people aren’t always going to like what you stand for because of your belief in Him but hopefully you can ask yourselves this question; ‘Is it worth the cost?’ And hopefully your answer will be yes!!

To follow this amazing young woman and see what she is up to, here are the links to her social media.

Instagram – @selectivehearingofficial

Twitter – @selectvehearing


I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have and have found these ladies an inspiration. I’m so grateful to all the ladies that I have featured and the impact they have had in my life. There are so many more that inspire me daily and I could dedicate this blog to them, but even if I haven’t featured you, I love you and thank you for what you bring to my life.

I love that we can be inspired by people from all walks of life, different seasons of life, different ages and stages. I personally never want to stop being inspired so that I can keep pushing through into what God has called me to.

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3 thoughts on “Inspired By… Rebekah Walker

  1. This series has been so helpful Sarah. Reading how the various guests hear from God and how they strive to know God more in their own way has been really something I needed to hear.
    Thank you Sarah and God bless you


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