Come out of Hiding!

So, why talk about hiding you might ask? But, we’ve all been guilty of it and it started in the garden with Adam and Eve as they became aware of their sin and disobedience and went into hiding. They put on covers (leaves) and that is what has been happening ever since. Gen 3:7 Then the eyes … More Come out of Hiding!

Beauty from Ashes!

Have you ever felt like you’ve made a mess of things? Or that you have lived a life making all the wrong choices? Do you live with a feeling of embarrassment, disappointment with yourself or even full blown shame? Firstly, can I assure you that you are not alone and secondly that you don’t have to … More Beauty from Ashes!

He Loves YOU!

During a celebration evening this week at Kings Church London during the song ‘Indescribable‘, I felt an overwhelming sadness which was not my own. I felt that there were people in the room who were unable to sing the lines in this well-known song ‘You know the depths of my soul and you love me the … More He Loves YOU!