“What if?”

What question is God asking you at the moment?

I am going to be honest with you and let you into a lie I have been believing…

As I was preparing for a ministry trip recently I was feeling excited, but at the same time nervous.

The reason I was feeling nervous was because as often happens when I’m about to step out and do something with God, the thought flashed through my mind…

‘What if I don’t hear from Him?’ 😮

Crazy right? He speaks all the time! Why wouldn’t He want to speak to me? You see hearing God’s voice is something I feel passionate about and for people to know they hear the Father too. Seeing people experience the heart of a loving Father is a powerful thing.

I live expectant for God to interrupt my days and am always open to step out when I feel Holy Spirit prompt, but often when it comes to something that is planned I tend to overthink and panic about not hearing the Father-please tell me I’m not the only one!

In these moments I often remind myself of the Kris Vallotton quote that the biggest battles are in the area that we are called in and the dogs of doom so often stand at the doorways to our destinies.

So, back to the question above and I felt God ask me as I was thinking about the up coming trip-

“Sarah what if your ‘what if’ was coupled with faith and expectation instead of doubt?”

Oh that hit home! It was a wake up call and made me realise that this is what I’d been doing, allowing thoughts of doubt to creep in and the enemy had been having a field day in my thought life. It was interesting to me that in the spur of the moment opportunities I get doubts weren’t getting in the way and stopping me stepping out, but when I had prior notice they were. In the moment I am able to bat away any lies from the enemy but when it’s planned I’d been allowing the whispers of the enemy to cloud my thinking.

It was what you might call a ‘Kairos moment’ as God got my attention. I was able to stop, repent and allow God to help me change my thinking where I had been doubting He would want to speak to me and for lowering my expectations for the impossible.

Since He asked me this, every time a doubt crosses my mind I am being intentional at thinking ‘what if’ and then thinking through the lens of God being the God of the impossible, nothing is too hard for Him, He is the breakthrough bringer etc and allowing my ‘what if’ to become an amazing opportunity to see God do something wonderful.

It has really shifted my thought life and the simplicity of the two words-‘what if’ have become an opportunity for my faith to be raised and for the Holy Spirit to move through me.

So, what question is the Father asking you at the moment? And what are you going to do about it?

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