E is for…

E is for

As the recovery continues apace, the alphabet dates are coming thick and fast. We’re onto E and my turn to choose…

My first selection of Eltham Palace went down like the proverbial lead balloon with Mrs B, reluctant to pay £15 each to visit a tarted up Tudor mansion! After a hasty rethink we settled on…

E is for…exhibition.


But, again our plans were thwarted! We intended to visit the last day of the Wes Anderson exhibition, but a combination of dreadful weather and the three words guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of every Londoner, ‘Replacement Bus Service’ put paid to that.

A days delay and we were off to Greenwich for the afternoon.

Lunch at ‘Sticks n Sushi’ followed by the Great British Seaside photography exhibition at the National Maritime Museum. Lunch was superb, my first time at Sticks n Sushi and it was really excellent, I can recommend it to any sushi lovers out there.

The National Maritime Museum is a truly beautiful building and one which while on our doorstep, Mrs B and I had never set foot in. Even better it’s free, though you do have to pay for the exhibition itself, it is well worth a visit.

For movie fans out there, a little trivia for you, the beautiful buildings of the Naval College and the area outside the Maritime Museum were used for the filming the barricades scenes for the 2012 movie Les Miserables.

Four British photographers: Tony Ray-Jones, David Hurn, Simon Roberts and Martin Parr exhibit a series of excellent photos of the British seaside culture from the 50’s to the present day. All the classics are there; donkeys, pies, Punch and Judy, deckchairs, fish and chips and unfortunately topless photos of guys with enormous beer bellies.
The photos really do capture the essence of the British seaside, family fun with an undercurrent of decay and seediness that is difficult to get across other than visually. What was great was the sheer joy on everyone’s faces, all generations, not just the kids. Most surprisingly of all, of the hundreds of people captured in the most up to date photos, we only saw one mobile phone! A lesson to us all, head to the seaside and leave the phone in the car!!

2018-04-09 12.37.19 HDR


Until next time….

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E is for…





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