A is for…

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So, after six of the toughest months of or lives, it’s time for me and Mrs Brown to get back to having some fun!

I have to confess when she first mentioned the concept of Alphabet Dating I was excited,  but it seemed a long way off. Well not any more!!!

We started yesterday and really there was only one choice for the letter A…..

Arlo & Moe….

We think it’s the best cafe in South London and a regular haunt of the Browns, before cancer reared its ugly head. It’s where we would head most weekends to spend some quality time over a cup of coffee, wonderful food and of course cake!!

When I took ill the staff who I look on as real friends, yes we went there quite a lot, were incredibly supportive and genuinely encouraging. So, it was great to see the big smiles when we arrived today. You see for me this is so much more than putting behind me the bad things, the months of constant pain and nausea, the weight loss, the feeling awful. I’d say hair loss but who am I trying to kid, I’ve been bald for years.

This is about celebrating the good things that kept me going and for which I’m so grateful. Friends, family, my wonderful kids all who have been cheering me on, the wonderful Mrs Brown who has been a rock, and whose self sacrifice and support has picked me up in the darkest of dark times. Her life, even more than mine has been on hold, waiting for this to be over and although it’s been and still is in some ways a struggle we are nearly there and her patience will hopefully be rewarded as I return to more like my old self (on the presumption that’s a good thing!)

Last, but not least we will be celebrating our faith, faith in our Father in heaven who has shown us He loves us more than we could ever have imagined and who has walked with us through the dark tunnel of serious illness. Let me be clear, at certain times even all the support in the world would not have been enough to keep me going and only God’s miraculous intervention was sufficient.

This piece is way too short to go into specifics but stay tuned!!! Our story has been punctuated with illustrations of God’s goodness, and his sustenance of us in the most fantastic way. So, as a start to a season of alphabet dating where we hope to celebrate what we mean to each other, we have just gone back to what we love, nothing spectacular, just a cup of coffee and time spent together chatting, reflecting and looking forward.

To paraphrase the Fast Show…

“Ain’t marriage brilliant.”

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Arlo & Moe.jpg

Brown’s Alphabet Dating 2018

A is for…

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