Soaking with God

Soaking with God

Have you ever wondered what people are talking about when they say they have been ‘soaking with God’? Do you have visions of people dripping with water, damp hair in their eyes?

Soaking is something I am learning how to do because it is so good for me and is a great way to grow in hearing from God.

Being on TSM for the last two years has helped me massively to learn the value of soaking. So let me explain what I have learnt so far…

Soaking is about ‘marinating’ in God’s presence. Synonyms for soaking are: steeping, bathing or seasoning.

Imagine a jar of pickles if you will! They take on the taste of what they have been soaked in, over time, which is what makes them so darn tasty! The juice has penetrated to their very core and it changes what was once an ordinary little onion into something completely different and special. You get the idea…

Soaking is something you do when you have a bit of time as it’s about resting in God’s presence which is best done when you put time aside to do it and not something you grab on the hoof! It is a process that takes practice.

Soaking is about finding somewhere you won’t be disturbed and getting comfy, lying down, sitting, whatever feels best for you. It’s not about praying or worshipping but listening without feeling the need to do anything else.

Ps 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honoured by every nation. I will be honoured throughout the world.”

Soaking is about allowing the Holy Spirit to come and meet with us and refresh, renew and speak truth into our identity.

Soaking is letting go of the need to control and to let God into the intimate areas of your life.

Soaking is having no agenda but to be with Him!

Soaking can be as long as you like. You might find it difficult at the beginning, especially if you are a ‘doer’ and like to be active. But the better you get the more able you are to soak for longer periods of time.

Soaking is about listening out to Holy Spirit and what He wants to say to you or show you. You may not feel anything, but you have to trust that God is doing stuff anyway.

Soaking can bring a wonderful sense of freedom and deepens our experience of God.

Soaking can be done with music in the background or by listening to truth as you rest. I find Graham Cooke soaking music/talks really helpful. He is a Yorkshire man who now lives in California and has the most relaxing voice. He is well known for his prophetic insights and the author of many helpful books. You can use YouTube to find some of his soaking materials like this one: The Inheritance.

Soaking will help you build an intimate relationship with Father God and grow in your ability to tune into His voice.

As a result of a soaking session at the start of January I felt I should make an intentional choice to choose Joy and felt God say it would be a ‘year of choices’. If you have read any of my blogs you will know that each month I have a new focus for the month, whatever I feel God talk to me about. This month is generosity.

Previous monthly choices have been: Joy, Courage, Encouragement, Gratitude and Hope. This all came from listening to God and I am delighted to be used by him to encourage others in this way.

I hope you feel inspired to give soaking a go.  Happy Soaking!


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