Sowing the Seeds of Love

Sowing the Seeds of Love

I am fortunate enough to be part of the TSM (Training for Super Natural Ministry) team this year and consider it a real privilege. I get the opportunity week on week to be part of a ‘winning team.’ I feel encouraged, supported, safe, challenged, free to be me, valued, loved and appreciated for what I contribute.

Because of the culture of this amazing ‘family’ I have entered a season of growth like never before and I am seeing much fruit in my ‘everyday life’. Lately, God has been speaking to me through a series of pictures of seeds and growth so let me back track for a moment…

I completed the course as a student last year (I want to say that I was on the ‘receiving end’ of this fab team, but that wouldn’t necessarily be true as I have received so much already this year). I experienced many significant breakthroughs, particularly around my identity as a ’daughter of the King’. During the year I was fed weekly with quality teaching, the insight and wisdom of amazing leaders, prayer, directional prophecy, activation sessions (singing, dance, prophetic and much, much more). I also learnt how to show the love of God out on the streets in different ways until I found what was comfortable and natural for me. As team this year I am able to observe the students journeys and God spoke to me through the pictures I mentioned.


The first was seeds being planted in the ground (the students as they start the course in September) and for some time there is nothing visible above the surface but God is at work deep down in the soil (students hearts, breaking open the outer casing to allow freedom of movement for the growth). All the time they are being watered with truth and then the seeds start to ‘break through’ the soil and appear above the surface (students start to experience breakthrough). These young, tender shoots are experiencing such a richness that they cannot fail to thrive under such perfect growing conditions.


 By the end of the year these plants are becoming strong and more established and they cannot fail to be noticed as they start to stand out in their own environment. As the course ends the growth is not finished but it’s time for them to be ‘planted out’, back into their home churches. These plants are now ‘self-seeding’ so as they flower and flourish the seeds are spread all around them and fall into the soil to start the seed life cycle again in others. I was also reminded that the seeds that grow the strongest are those planted in the most fertile ground which is closest to the source (God). I am so encouraged by these pictures and what they mean for all the students.



The last picture I had was on the way to attend our last Saturday outreach. I saw a picture of a large heavy duty crop sprayer. God spoke to me about all the seeds that had been planted by previous students on TSM and the Kings Arms team who go out on the streets weekly, come rain or shine. The seeds were lying in the soil and some of them were still dormant whilst some were breaking through the soil and growing up. We were literally going to be ‘spraying the crops’ with what we carry. We are carriers of freedom, hope, joy, breakthrough, love, healing, acceptance and so much more to give away freely.

Matt 10:8 ‘Freely you have received; freely give’.

These seeds were being sprayed with a ‘heavenly miracle grow’ and they could not fail to bear fruit.


 Isaiah 30:23 ‘He will give rain for the seed that you will sow’.

If you want to go on an adventure with God and be all you are called to be then I highly recommend taking a year to commit to doing the TSM course. If you wish to sow into your family, work place, church, friendship groups and your city then what are you waiting for?

So anyway, back to the title of this blog-‘Sowing the Seeds of Love’, I hope it now makes sense!

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