What’s your passion?

What's your passion-

They say the things that you are passionate about are not random, but are in fact your calling!

This phrase has been going round and round in my head and I feel excited about the idea that what we are passionate about is our calling!

So, what is a ‘Calling’?

A strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence.

As a Christian woman I have been on a real journey over what my calling might be. I am currently a Primary School teacher and when I started down that road I would have said I was far from God and He certainly wasn’t involved with any of my decision making. So, I sort of fell into teaching as the opportunity arose! I did a 2 year foundation degree and then the Registered Teacher Programme which was completing a full degree whilst undertaking a 2 year teacher placement (in the school I worked at) to enable me to achieve qualified teacher status.

For me getting a degree was a big thing as I completely messed up my A levels, through making unwise lifestyle choices! I never saw myself as someone who could write and my essays obviously proved that (with hindsight I realise that it was more about my lifestyle choices and work ethic than my writing). So, obviously I thought I would never be able to study and get a degree.

During the time I was teacher training, to cut a very long story short, I went back to church (after a 13 year walk round the wilderness, I wouldn’t recommend it!!!). I truly believe in that time that God had his hand on my life, unbeknown to me and that He was working all things out for my good. Through the teaching job in that school I came to visit Kings Church London and the rest, as they say, is history!

Roms 8:28  and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

This was all just part of the plan God had for my life and I do believe that the school I am in now was the next part of the plan and there is such fruit for the kingdom coming from the weekly prayer meeting and prayer network that I set up-hallelujah! I was just obedient when He told me to move to the school, I listened and the doors opened.

When it comes to a calling, I will be honest and say I don’t think teaching is it (shock, horror). I do the job to the best of my ability and love to see the children recognise their abilities and talents. I have an ‘holistic approach’ to my teaching, in that I don’t just want to encourage the academic but I see the whole child and all that they have to offer (where they are not strong academically, they are strong in something else).

In fact, my calling is more than teaching which is just part of it (during this season). I am passionate about seeing Gods kingdom break out wherever I am, in the everyday and seeing people come to understand their true identity as sons and daughters of the King, seeing people come into freedom from things that have been holding them back from walking in their true identity and to recognise that they too are called to see God break in wherever they are and that it’s a lifestyle for all believers.

Getting to this point and realising that I have been called myself and that God can use me and will use me has been such a revelation in my life. The turning point came during Newday (an amazing youth event) that I was serving on with the Lovely Mr B. A quick back story at this point, when we joined Kings Church we were asked to work with the youth quite quickly (to be honest we were happy to be asked to do anything after being away from God for so long) and we jumped at the chance. During Newday God started to create in me a hunger for more of Him and a desire to grow in the prophetic. To cut another long story short I found out about TSM and 2 years later I am still involved with this wonderful course and it truly makes me feel alive!!

I realised that I loved praying with the youth and being involved at that level but actually youth work wasn’t what I felt passionate about. However, the Lovely Mr B is called to youth work, among many things and he is wonderful at it and makes me so proud to see the relationships he has with our youth (who love him). I found it difficult to think that I could have a calling and a passion to serve in a completely different area to the Lovely Mr B, so for a long time I did do Sunday youth work. It was hard for me to have to say that actually it wasn’t where my heart was and that it was okay to try something else.

For such a long time I believed that I was a ‘tag along’ to the Lovely Mr B but I began to realise that prophetic and prayer were where I wanted to be involved and what I had a burning passion for. Recognising this call from God (who puts the desire in us to start with) has radically changed my life. I am a work in progress and on a journey like we all are but as I look back I can see where God has been guiding and shaping me to be all He wants me to be and living a life that I have been called to as he unveils bit by bit.

What do you feel passionate about? Could this be your calling?

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