Be ready to catch the wave!

Be ready to catch the wave!

If you have spent any time by the sea you will have seen surfers lying in wait, ‘ready to catch the wave’. They are up early and waiting so they don’t miss the waves and they seem to be the most patient of people, laid back and enjoying the sea.

This month my daily choices are focused on patience and as I was thinking about what it means to be patient I got a picture of a surfer waiting patiently on a surfboard, on a seemingly calm, flat sea. The surfer looked happy and content as he was waiting patiently, knowing that the waves were coming (he had checked the surf forecasts already). He had paddled out into deep waters and was floating on the surfboard, that he had already waxed down and prepared, so that when the waves hit he was ready to ride them.

Do you ever feel like you’re playing a ‘waiting game’? The sea (your life) is calm and flat but you know that to catch the wave (God’s promise) you have to wait it out, and in fact the wait is just part of the process. You know that when the wave comes the wait will have been worth it. In that moment you know that the preparation has all been worth it and you are in the sweet spot where God can move you into the promise He has for you.

Just like the surfer preparation is key to success and without lots of practise you wouldn’t be ready to crest the big waves of promises. It may be a solitary journey at times as you lie in wait but in those quiet moments when it’s just you and God, that is where the relationship is developed as you lean into Him and hear His heart and plans for your life.

We start in shallow waters but as we press into God He takes us deeper until we can’t touch the bottom and we are dependent on Him, which is where He wants us to be. As we wait on promises over our lives we have to partner with God and do our bit. The waiting time is crucial as God prepares a way for all that is promised to come to pass. Don’t rush the process (which is incredibly hard, speaking from experience) because we always want it and we want it now!

Ps 37:7-8 Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.

Like the surfer the waves start to build up as opportunities start to present themselves and you start to see breakthroughs. As you step into the opportunities God has set up for you, more opportunities seem to happen, just like waves starting to build up. You have to get up onto your knees, balance and then trust that in all the preparation you can know stand tall and balance as the wave’s crash over you, knowing that God is with you on the adventure.

If you are lying on your board today and it seems that the sea is calm and flat, be assured that the waves are going to start building. Are you ready to catch the wave?



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