Blogging Beginner!

Blogging Beginner

I’m just beginning to get my head around this blogging business and have been looking at other blogs for inspiration and ways to improve my own site. There is such a wealth of blogs out there on tinter web, seemingly on every topic under the sun, which means there is room for all! Yay!

I started off using Tumblr as a platform but found this limited and decided to look at WordPress instead. I love that you can start a blog for free and it’s really that simple. There are loads of choices for a design and style for your blog which can be challenging if like me you find it hard to make a choice! After deciding on the style, font etc. you need a good name that sums up what your blog is about. It took me a while to settle on a name and I wrote a few down and kept looking at them and mulling them over. For me, as my blog is about my adventures with God, my blog name had to reflect this, hence Kingdom Calling!

Then it’s pretty simple, you start writing.

What I have come to realise is that I loooove writing which is not something I thought I would ever say. I did so badly in my A levels and failed rather spectacularly due to my seeming inability to nail a good essay! However, on reflection I think it had more to do with my party lifestyle and application, not a good mix!

Over the last couple of years I have had several prophetic words over me about writing and at the time they didn’t resonate with me because I didn’t see myself as a writer. But it seems God had other plans! After handing in my first book report on TSM my lovely courage group leader gave me such great feedback about my writing that I started to view myself differently. Maybe I could write after all!

I felt prompted by God to start this blogging journey as a way of encouraging others with what I had learnt during TSM and to encourage people to step out and have a go at ‘doing the stuff’. Sometimes I wake up in the night or early in the morning and it’s like I have a download from God which I tend to write down as quickly as I can in a notebook I keep by the bed (although a friend told me about recording into a word document on an apple phone, which I have yet to try). Sometimes the Lovely Mr B will wake up to find me writing furiously or sitting in the dark writing with just the light of my phone. Other times I have an idea and have to take it slower and let if form organically.

On my blogging journey this year I have learnt many lessons along the way and am learning by doing, which I find is the best way for me. I’ve realised that blogs need to be regular so you can build an audience and that tags and categories are necessary if you want people to read it. These help people who are searching for content to find your blog based on their search criteria. I have learnt how to add multiple pictures to my heading page to mix it up a bit and about blogging apps, such as ‘Analytics’ and ‘GoTrends’. You can also funk up your photos using ‘Fused’ and  Canva (my absolute fave for pictures). There is a wealth of information out there if you are thinking of starting a blog so you’re never short of support.

It also occurred to me that I could have many pages on my blog which means I can write about many other things that I love and am learning on my adventures with God. So with this in mind I have added pages on music, books and conferences. I will be adding to these pages on an ad hoc basis as I feel inspired.

I am really enjoying blogging and recommend it if you feel the urge to get creative and do some writing.

Happy God adventures and happy blogging friends.

10 thoughts on “Blogging Beginner!

  1. Welcome to the blogging world. Im still fresh meat around here too, but there are awsome people and amazing things to read. Good Luck!

  2. What a fun way to introduce yourself as a new blogger! I enjoyed your post very much! I just started blogging on wp myself for the first time after trying another blogging platform. So far I am quite happy with it! I hope you have a good experience as well!

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