Tears, Snot and Mucus (TSM) Part 1

imageSeptember 2014

Tears, Snot and Mucus!! (Part 1)

As my first weekend at TSM (Training for Supernatural Ministry) approached I was feeling a mixture of excitement and serious nerves! I had been waiting since confirmation of my place on the course at Easter and the week was finally here. On the Wednesday night before, I attended Kings Church London‘s (Lee site) new auditorium to hear Steve Nicholson preach who is a visiting pastor from Evanston Vineyard Church in Chicago. His message could not have been more timely!

He spoke on how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. It’s not about what we can do, but what God can do through us. He spoke about Gideon and how he was full of fear but God saw something completely different- a mighty warrior! At this point God had got my attention!

It was a really encouraging message about how God is with us and Him seeing the qualities, strengths and gifts we have, that he has put there, even though we often see or feel something different. I’m hoping you can relate to these feelings readers?

His talk really boosted my confidence for what I had coming up on the Friday and I felt ready to start my adventure….

That is until I was sitting on the train rapidly approaching Bedford and the feeling that nothing would be the same again started eating away at me!!!

Was I ready? Was I really hearing from God on this? Could God really use me?

Part 2 to come…


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