The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect

As I sat at church  listening to the preach this morning it was about the chain reaction that started when Jesus rose from death to life. The chain reaction was far reaching and continues today, to the ends of the Earth.

As I heard it I got a picture of a tiny pebble dropping into a still pond and the ripples cascading outwards covering the surface of the pond. It was such a seemingly insignificant stone but God pointed out that the stone was NOT insignificant and that it was actually the opposite. It was far from being insignificant and could actually have a far reaching effect on the pond, right to the edges and to what was living in the pond.

I then got a picture of myself parachuting into my workplace (a primary school in SE London). I was on a tandem parachute with Holy Spirit and He dropped me inside the building, safely manoeuvring over the tops of the high brick walls that surround it. As I got the picture I drew it in my notebook so I wouldn’t forget it. This prompted me to look along my row at church and I realised I was sitting with a row full of friends (who are also colleagues) and one of them had brought a parent along too for Easter Sunday. God then reminded me when we are obedient to His calling on our lives He will use us to affect those around us caught in that ripple effect. At this point you need a brief back story…

… I went to work at my current school after God suggested I might work there as I passed it one night on the way home from another school I was working in at the time (in a very different part of South London). When I arrived home, I kid you not; I received a text from a friend who was working in said school offering me a job! I was totally bowled over by this. This was totally out of the blue and I knew it was a God thing. I also knew it would be a real challenge and very different from my then current school. After praying about it I felt it was what God wanted me to do.

At Newday that August before the term started in September I remember praying for the school and that the ‘unseen’ walls that were ‘inside’ the school would come down. I also felt when I started there that I should start a prayer group to pray for the students, families and staff of the school. It began with a few Christians already working in the school and we started meeting weekly. I also set up a ‘whatsapp’ group and included everyone who was a Christian there (some couldn’t attend the prayer group because of their hours) and some who had come along to the prayer group who were non-Christians, so everyone could put prayer requests up and see what was happening. I have been very up front with management in the school about the group and they were happy for it to happen. In the three years we have been praying together we have seen much answered prayer, people getting saved in school, directional prophetic words and people being impacted by the presence of the Holy Spirit in classrooms. There seems to be a rising number of Christians at the school now and God is really on the move. In fact, it feels like a ‘mini-revival’!

I want to encourage you that wherever you are, you are NOT insignificant and God can and WILL use you if you allow Him to. You have a unique sphere of influence that He has placed you in and the fruit will come as you live in obedience to where He is leading and being open to the promptings of the precious Holy Spirit.

Just remember every small action, thought or prayer creates a ripple effect!

Where are you creating a ripple today?

2 thoughts on “The Ripple Effect

    1. Thanks for this encouraging comment. Yes we all have our very own part to play. The body of Christ is wonderful. I love the Ripple Effect that we get to start wherever we are. Be blessed.

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