My Joy Journey

My Joy Journey

As we come to the end of January I have been reflecting on my joy journey!

I have really been overwhelmed with the response I have had from people who have read my blog or liked my daily posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What I have found as I posted at the start of each day about my conscious daily choice seems to have helped other people consciously or subconsciously make the choice too.

I have heard testimonies from friends who have found themselves up against it in one way or another and have had the thought process themselves of making a choice for joy. One of my favourite stories was a child in my class who had bought a dress for the school disco simply because it had the word joy on it. “I’m wearing my ‘joy dress’ to the disco”. Her mum told me she had bought it because she had been learning about how to choose joy!!

As I post daily pictures and thoughts I have been reminded of scripture…

2 Cor 3:18 ‘what we behold we become’

There is a transformational power in what we set our eyes, mind and heart on. God has many times tapped me on the shoulder to remind me/prompt me about making the right choice in the moment. He has definitely got a sense of humour!

What I have found this month in worship times too is that there has been a release of joy into the atmosphere and when I have prayed for people I have been able to pray for joy as I have it to give away freely. Joy is a fruit of the spirit and grows from within and should be something that makes us stand out as Christians as people question how we can be joyful even in trials. Joy can be such a fantastic witness of our relationship with God and marks us out as different.

I can honestly say that I have a deeper understanding of what the scripture…

Neh 8:10‘The joy of the Lord is your strength’  

…means and have reminded  myself of this many times. Please don’t be mistaken for thinking it has always been easy this last month but joy has become the choice at the forefront of my mind.


As I was thinking about these posts on Saturday and whether to continue them I felt God talk to me about something else to focus on (not to replace joy but rather to compliment it). In fact as I have been posting about joy I have already been doing it without really realising-encouragement!

I felt Him say ‘It’s going to be a year of choices.’ Watch this space… and be encouraged friends.

Praying friends

I welcome your prayers as I have been asked to speak on the theme of joy at a ladies prayer day at a church in St Neots (Beds). Please pray I communicate well and hear clearly what God wants me to say.

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