Lies, lies, lies!

So, I was in my favourite place in Bedford, the beautiful Embankment, where I walk and talk with God on a regular basis. Today, like every other day I have been down at the river I saw a swan glide towards me, which is not a surprise as the river is famous for its swans. … More Lies, lies, lies!

Now playing!

How many of you know that what we believe about ourselves determines how we live our lives? I’m sure most of you just thought, of course, that’s obvious isn’t it. But, if that’s true why do so many of us believe things about ourselves that simply aren’t true!! Come on, I know it’s not just … More Now playing!

Identity Crisis

How many of you struggle to hear or even believe good things about yourself? Who is unable to even look at themselves in the mirror and like what they see? We seem to be suffering from something of an identity crisis and I don’t think it’s just restricted to young people. It seems to be … More Identity Crisis