Running on Empty?

Running on EmptyAs I woke up this morning my phone was on 7% battery and I didn’t have my charger near me so I got up and dragged myself downstairs to the kitchen to get it (school holiday lie-ins). How many of us see the red battery symbol come up on our phones and know we are in trouble and about to lose connection to the ‘outside world’ unless we can find a power supply quickly? We start to get the ‘panic’ and look frantically around for a spot to plug-in. We have even started to carry round a back-up supply should this happen, but these need to be kept charged as well! No-one wants to be off line and not able to check their emails, texts, Facebook, Insta or Snapchat accounts. There could be an urgent message or call, right?  I’m sure it’s not just me?

As I plugged my phone in I felt God talk to me about the low battery symbol.This symbol is a visual reminder that we need to plug into the source as a priority before we lose all power and therefore become cut off! We, like the phones/devices we use, need to be constantly ‘filled up’ to function at our best and remain fit for purpose. What good is an electrical device that is running low on power and likely to go dead at any moment?

Likewise, what good are we in the ‘world’ if we are not constantly connected to the source-God? We need to be running at full capacity to do what we have been created for. The best thing is we can plug into the source anywhere as He is living inside us, totally accessible and portable. Wherever we are, so is He.

Our power supply comes direct from the Holy Spirit and He is more than able and more than willing to keep us topped up, even over-flowing, with His mighty power if we ask Him. Even though we know this to be true often we don’t live like this is true and forget or sadly not even acknowledge His ability to ‘charge us up’. Jesus promised us that the Holy Spirit would come:

Acts 1:8 ‘But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere-in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the Earth’.

Wow, the only way we could do what Jesus talks about is if we are clothed in power!

Sadly, unlike the phone we don’t get a visual sign warning us to plug into the source before we lose all power. But, if we’re honest the signs have probably been there for a while? Maybe you haven’t been feeling like you’re hearing God’s voice, feeling disconnected, struggling with believing wrong thoughts or lies about yourself or others, doing things you are not proud of or other stuff that is making you feel bad about yourself. As we lose power and connection with Father God these things quickly take over our life and thought patterns and we forget what it’s like to be fully functioning and we settle for this lesser version of ourselves.

How long is it since you felt fully charged? Have you forgotten what it feels like to be running at full capacity?

Today my prayer for you is that you ‘plug’ back into the source and spend time with the Father letting Him remind you of who you are and how much He loves you. I pray that Holy Spirit would refill, refresh and rejuvenate the purposes and plans God has for you and all that you are called to be in a world that needs you.

Much love friends xx


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